crochet cowl for beginner
This Neck / Cowl Warmer is very easy to make. You can use wool for winter , cotton for summer and OR anything you have in mind that you think fits for you and in your favorite season . This is the perfect gift for your love once . you can make it with different colors . This is a very easy repetitive pattern that will make you want to make more .

Abbreviation and Meaning    -stitch  - stitch(es)
3.dc     -double crochet     -chain st  -slip stitch
6.Rnd    -round kn  -slip knot
8.bpdc   -back post double crochet

15 Rows of dc = 5½ inches(w/o a stretch).

yarn I used

-Number of ch is multiple of 4 so if you want wider you can change your number of ch in rnd 1 .
-sl st does not count as a st
-ch 3 count as first dc
-Your number of st(es) in each rnd is the same as your chosen number of ch in rnd 1 just make sure it is a multiple of 4 .
-to adjust the size,change the number of ch in rnd 1 just make sure it is a multiple of 4 .

Download Pattern Here
Youtube Tutorial crochet cowl

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